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W2W helped me

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W2W helped me

Post by The Phoenix on Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:03 am

I would once again like to thank W2W racing for the help it did on my road to recovery. After my operation i was down and nearly out but a young guy called bolokov gave me a chance to get my life back on track even though he didn't no it. Bolokov asking me to join W2W was the best news i had heard in weeks.

After i passed my induction i raced the next day as i reserve driver and to tell you the truth i was nervous. I remember getting lapped about 5 times and on the fifth time i got into an incident with madman. I then thought every one was going to hate me so i decided to quit W2W. But the guys on the site where very kind and gave me some encouragement even madman after i nearly cost him the race and to this day i am very thankful to all who encouraged me to stay.

At the end of last season i was racing reserve all the time and enjoying racing with the likes of Tallboy, Lii4m, ConReece, Barwell, Soo7ps, madman and many others. Even though my pace was nowhere near as good as there's (they didn't mind lapping me a few time's.)

At the beginning of the new season i decided to change a few things i did like taking brake assist of and doing car setups witch i got alot of help from the W2W guys.

Getting AL2 mod job was a surprise when Admin asked me to do it. I jumped at the chance to do something for the guys as they had helped me so much.

My leg now is nearly 100% again and it is all down to W2W. And im alot happier with alot of things including my driving even if it doesn't show in races.

So once again thank you W2W.

PS. To all those people who helped me a special thank you go to them. (they know who they are) so thank you once again.

The Phoenix

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