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Driver Guidelines

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Driver Guidelines

Post by Admin on Tue May 14, 2013 1:06 am


1. All drivers are to be well-mannered, non-abusive and courteous to all other League Members.

2. All Drivers can contact the FiA if they feel they are being bullied or disrespected by another driver(s).
*This includes private and open lobbies out of the League environment*

3. If a driver knocks another driver off track that driver in question then cannot use any potential DRS in the next DRS zone.

Team Strategy
4. Team-mates are allowed to work together as a team, (F1 is ultimately a team sport). If a driver moves over for his team-mate, then no other team can complain or appeal simply on the basis of a driver moving over.

5. However, there will be no misuse of Team tactics for clearly blocking other drivers or conversely helping them gain time. As per Rule 3, moving over after instruction from your team mate or previous strategy discussions is fine; BUT attempting to allow your team-mate a fundamental advantage at the disruption of other drivers is not allowed, and will very likely be deemed as cheating.

Clear Blocking or Controlled Disruption to the Possible outcome of the race is not allowed.
*This is not good sportsmanship and the FIA will investigate*

Accidents & Collisions
6. All drivers are to give up their position if they were the definitive blame for an incident with a fellow driver, and are still nearby to the incident down the track or face a 10 second time penalty.

7. A driver that feels it was a racing incident may carry on racing and the Race Steward/FIA will judge in the appeal room any punishments necessary.

8. If you are unable to make a race please post in the Race absences topic.
*Failure to attend 3 consecutive races without adequate notice or reason, will likely mean your seat is taken away and given to another driver*

Moderator Duties
9. Moderators are to regularly update tables and keep their League forum threads up-to-date and readable.

10. All Moderators are to be friendly and helpful to their league and racers, professional at all times.
*Remember: Your League can't function without happy drivers*

Driving Standards
11. Drivers that want to appeal about a decision made in their league may contact FiA Headquarters, or anonymously message a known FiA Representative.

12. Drivers caught breaking any rules during races can expect to be monitored by the event Steward for the remainder of that race - and pending any post-race appeals may be given a Formal Warning, Time Penalty, Points Deduction (all of which will be recorded in the 'Penalty Tracker' section within Leagues)
In the most grave circumstances, drivers may be removed from the entire website, as a hindrance to the wider community.

13. Drivers must NOT under any circumstances crash out on purpose - this may cause a Safety Car and be deemed as disruptive to the race. Any driver who wishes to retire may do so safely either in the pits or by pulling off the track.

14. Drivers must be fair when defending against an overtaking car. A defending driver, as per real-life motorsport, is allowed to make one distinct direction change to defend their position and thwart an overtake. Once it is then clear you're being overtaken, make sure that you leave an adequate car's width for your competitor. Drivers should not unfairly squeeze their fellow racers - whether it be off track, or into walls.

15. Drivers are to be on dry tyres on a dry track.

Race Procedures and Red Flag Scenarios
16. If 1 or more of drivers have LAG in qualifying or lose connection in the loading screen transition from Qualifying to Race, then a Red Flag can be applied. A restarted Qualifying session will be formed, and where applicable, a new lobby host designated.
*This we hope gives all racers, lagging or otherwise, a chance to check connections & restart PS4s etc..).

17. If 50% or more drivers lose connection/DNF before the first 3 laps of the race, it may be restarted.

18. Each race weekend can include a maximum of 2 restarts for disconnections or other problems. But each driver is only allowed 1 personal restart.

19.If someone loses connection within the first 5 minutes the session will be restarted as a 12 minute qualifying session, if someone loses connection after 5mins of the session it will be restarted as a one shot qualifying.

20. You have to complete 90% of the race to receive any points.
20a. In the event of a mass disconnect, or some other issue causing the race to be void. Then points will be awarded based on the number of laps completed. 0-3 laps, 0 points. 4 laps to 75% race distance, half points and 75% and over, full points.

Corner Cutting
21. The track is clearly defined by the white lines painted on either side of the tarmac edge.

22. Drivers are permitted to use the exit kerbs fully, but as long as the circuit is re-joined safely.

23. In all circumstances and track layouts, drivers must have at least 1 wheel within the white lines, to be counted as on the track.
*Failure to follow this rule will be severely punished if Race Steward or Driver video footage demonstrates drivers abusing track boundaries. So PLEASE race with a fair mind towards corner cutting, and know that all other drivers in your race SHOULD be doing the same*

Reserve Driving
24. Only drivers can reserve in leagues higher than what they're currently in, not the other way around as this promotes moving up the leagues.

25. All reserve drivers will not score any official points and will will be removed from the race result, this is to be used as to gain experience in that particular league.

Updated: January 2014

No major changes of direction under braking - doing so will result in a 10's penalty being applied.

Causing an incident and not waiting for the affected driver - 10s penalty, depending on the severity of the incident, other penalties may also be applied.

Moving forward all drivers will have a 'super license' Incidents will award points on the license, resulting in qualifying or race bans. 6 points will result in a qualifying ban, 12 will result in a race ban.

Causing a race incident - 2 points
Causing another driver to DNF - 4 points
Causing a collision on L1, T1 (up to the second lap, depending on circuit ie Monaco) - 4 points
Rejoining the circuit in an unsafe manner - 2 points
Pausing the game to go into AI - 1 point

Rejoining the race after a disconnect is not allowed other than to spectate, doing so will result in disqualification.

Pausing under the game in order to trigger the AI is not allowed. Doing so without a good reason (that must be proven) will result in 10 second penalty being applied and a 1 point penalty being applied to the super license.

Any appeals must be reported within 48 hours of the result, and no appeals will be accepted on race day.

Any drivers receiving a qualifying ban must still set a slow lap in qualifying if there are 10 drivers or less taking part.

Updated: May 2017

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