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Would You Rather?

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Would You Rather?

Post by hudunikibolokov on Thu May 01, 2014 8:25 pm

Mine are of the following:
1. 100% future...yeah, let's just leave it at that... a fresh start so to say
2. Best racquetball player in the world of course
3. Talk like Jar-Jar Binks, for the lolz
4. Hard one this, I think breathe underwater like a fish... flying like a bird would look weird
5. I'd be a wiiiiiiiizard
6. 50% of the 100m dollars
7. Another hard one, I'd say go a life without cold drink because of the health benefits a warm meal brings although I'd prefer the cold drinks
8. Don't know what either are...watch a double header of WNBA games I guess
9. I think be poor at a job you love because I probably end up comitting suicide at a job I hate being rich because I'd probably get board of having everything there is to have thus sink into a never ending depression
10. I'd go without clothes for a month, sorry but I need the internet
11. As appealing as the good guy of saving a 1000 people is, I'd probably to the wrong thing and save the life of a family member because I'd interact with them and have history
12. Good nights sleep of course
13. Another tough one, I'd guess bacon will have to go
14. hmm not sure on this one, the salt I guess... proper crack head hahaha
15. well erm, think this one has already been chosen for me
16. You can't smell of BO so I'd have to bite the dust and take the ice cold shower
17. Don't think I could live with myself with hiccups so I'd go a lifetime of wanting to sneeze but not being able to
18. Silent but deadly... who ever smelt it dealt it... whoever denied it supplied it
19. Best player on the worst team
20. Never able to leave your home country, there's not many other countries I'd go to and live there... I guess only the US
21. It'll be more cooler to go into the past and meet my ancestors but I think it would be more important to go into the future to meet my great grandchildren, just so I can take a few technological advanced things
22. 100% perfect sight
23. Salad I guess
24. Pass away, couldn't deal with them not remembering anything about me... would be soul crushing
25. Rather me than them, right?

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Re: Would You Rather?

Post by tallboy_rocks on Thu May 01, 2014 9:37 pm


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Re: Would You Rather?

Post by Aletdownofstate on Thu May 01, 2014 11:11 pm


Not quite Bernie Ecclestone Liberty Media.


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Re: Would You Rather?

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