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22/02/2015 Decisions

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22/02/2015 Decisions

Post by Aletdownofstate on Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:18 pm




Richy/Con_Reece - The FIA felt that Con could have given Richy more space. Due to Con losing his front wing and a massive loss in time, no further action is to be taken. Con is however warned to give other drivers more space when necessary.

PDids/Tomfenty - The FIA felt that due to PDids acceptance of blame at the time for causing the incident, that a warning to be mindful of the limitations of heavy fuel at the start of the race and to be aware of other drivers position on track.

Clatty/Tom - The FIA felt Clatty caused an avoidable incident due to weaving around on track, however he did wait for Tom  after his pitstop to reduce the damage. Clatty is to recieve a 2 point WDC penalty for this and if any similar incidents happen in the future a severe penalty will be applied.


Speedqueen/Madman - The FIA has deemed that SQ could have left more space for Madman at T1, however due to both parties having no prior record of incidents, no furhter action is to be taken. SQ is however reminded to give aduequate space when racing wheel to wheel.


Sqeedqueen/Con_Reece - Speedqueen is to recieve a 5 point WDC deduction for causing a terminal crash with Con_Reece that could have been avoided, and a suspended qualifying ban.

Speedqueen/Madman - Speedqueen is to recieve a 3 point WDC for causing a second incident that could have been avoided, causing Madman to lose a front wing and two positions. The qualifying ban for the previous incident is to come into effect for Monza.



CHM/Tallboy - The FIA felt that CHM could have give Tallboy more room on the outside of the corner. CHM is to recieve a warning and a suspended qualifying ban, should no further incidents of the type occur, the ban will be removed.

Jo3/Matt - The FIA felt that Biltonmatt could have give Jo3 more room on the outside of the corner. Matt is to recieve a 2 point WDC deduction and a suspended qualifying ban, should no further incidents of the type occur, the ban will be removed.


Phillip/Bloodandsands - Phillip is to recieve a 3 point WDC deduction for causing an avoidable incident on the grid.

CHM/Biltonmatt - No further action, insufficient evidence.

PODGIE/Biltonmatt - Racing incident, no further action.


Pagey/Phillip - The FIA found that Phillip cut across the track failing to leave Pagey enough room to make the corner. Phillip is to recieve a 2 WDC penalty.


Phillip/Bloodandsands - No further action, insufficient evidence to decide on what really happened. The FIA does suggest that both drivers take some time to discuss incidents in PMs or as politelyt as possible however, as the conduct on site has been simply unnacceptable as of late.

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