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Monza Corner Cutting

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Monza Corner Cutting

Post by Derek Warwick on Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:32 pm


This week sees all Leagues visit the Monza circuit. Sadly, almost as routine for any online League that's played Codemasters F1 games, this brings with it the the need to lay out some pre-race guidelines on the track boundaries.

To be clear from the get-go, as always, a corner cut is as per the rules of the website, not what the in-game penalty engine tells you. Codemasters' system is useless around Monza.


Article 16. The track is clearly defined by the white lines painted on either side of the tarmac edge.

Article 18. In all circumstances and track layouts, drivers must have at least 1 wheel within the white lines, to be counted as on the track.

This applies to all the notable hotspots around Monza: the 1st Chicane (Rettifilio), the 2nd Chicane (della Roggia). But above all, Ascari.

On entry to Ascari, all drivers MUST have at least one wheel on the tarmac, and the car should only be placed over the red-and-white kerb, to the best of your ability during your races.

If a Steward sees you using a disproportionate amount of the green concrete on entry during a qualifying lap, the Steward is allowed to request that you abort that lap. If a Steward films you over the course of a race distance consistently cutting the Ascari entrance, you will be formally warned over microphone; and if this persistently continues, post-race action will likely be taken against you.

A couple of drivers have also passed on queries to me with regards to the exit of Ascari.

Article 17. Drivers are permitted to use the exit kerbs fully, but as long as the circuit is re-joined safely.

As per real-life F1, you are allowed to utilise the exit run-off out of Ascari. However, this is to be done in accordance with the real-life spirit, and so drivers should make sure they return to the racing tarmac within the white lines as soon as possible. 
Fully exploiting the run-off, to the degree that the game will not automatically slow your speed, is not encouraged.

All W2WR race stewards who shall be supervising races are experienced racers themselves and are well positioned to judge any corner-cut infringements, and will be asked to do with the upmost priority this week.

My main advice to Stewards is only mentally note or make comment to a driver, if you are categorically certain of a corner-cut. To the best of my knowledge the 1/3 of a car width's misrepresentation in spectator mode still exists and wasn't ever fixed, so if a cut seems very marginal, then try and give drivers benefit of the doubt. 

Also Stewards, try and look for consistency in any corner-cutting, rather than any single one instance (unless it is completely blatant, obviously). Even the most genuine racer can sometimes misjudge a turn-in, due to unexpected grip from a fresh set of tyres, or if running in cockpit view, where taking Ascari is effectively semi-blind.

Above all though in addressing all drivers, Stewards can only watch one driver at a time. Therefore it is my keen hope that everyone racing this week can trust each other. By joining this site, and passing our induction, it is hoped that you have wanted to find a place where you can enjoy your F1 gaming fairly and competitively, so please race together under the assumption that your fellow racers won't be cheating, and that they will expect the same. 

You would be surprised how much a basic level of trust and compliance to fair play can give you back in enjoyment. So help yourselves by helping each other, and drive cleanly for all 53 laps as best as possible.

Good luck to all this week in your races,

Best Wishes,
Derek Warwick

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