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Itallian GP Results

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Itallian GP Results

Post by hudunikibolokov on Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:08 am

Qualifying and Race Results will be posted below after the results have come in.

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Re: Itallian GP Results

Post by Derek Warwick on Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:15 pm



Derek Warwick

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Re: Itallian GP Results

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:32 pm

Wow. What a race.

in the first Q, I got pole when UD retired, the second I got 7th, after a big mistake at Ascari, and in the third I took 3rd. I took make a mistake in the last corner, but it wouldn't have closed the gap to Liam.

I made a decent start, as we all did, and I outdragged RDS to the chicane. So then to braking for the second chicane, RDS got a tap from someone, who hasn't owned up, and he hit me, which spun me off. 2nd to 9th, gone, just like that. Hopefully something is done about it.

From there, I passed dids straight away in to Ascari, and soon (somehow) found myself 5th as others went off. It looked like My team mate and Someone made contact, but I was given a 10s penalty despite not touching either! There was a massive gap between 2nd and 3rd, which I was convinced I belonged in. I chased down RDS and Crank, whose own fight frustrated me. I knew If I could pass them I could leave them to it. After a few laps, and a brief moment with RDS at the first chicane, I took RDS around the outside of Ascari (I think) and held him off on the pit straight, before catching Crank, passing him on the pit straight, and outdragging him to the 2nd chicane.

From there, I monitored the tyres. I was originally due to stop on Lap 15, but the tyres were behaving fine, and I was pulling a gap as RDS and Crank fought. I noticed Crank pitted on Lap 18, and had to react, so after another 2 laps, (in which UD and LiamATTHURSO pitted, then let me in to the lead while fighting) I came in for Primes. The primes were horrible to begin with, but I was gradually catching Li4m in 4th, as he seemed to be on a one stop. It was a vital part of the race. I passed him eventually, again I think on the outside of Ascari (FAIRLY AND SQUARELY!!!!!), and carried on, knowing that he would soon pit.

From then, I built a gap, up to about 22 seconds before I saw that Li4m had caught Crank. As they lost time, I pitted when I knew I would get out ahead on Options, and when I did come out, I just had to build back the 10 second penalty I had, which I did, increasing the gap from 7 seconds to 20, and then 37 when FM took over 4th (must have been an incident there!)

As I did a 20 lap first stint, it was simply a case of picking the right lap to make my second stop.
UD and LIAM had their own race to fight, and I was 40 seconds away from either those in front or behind, with an amazing and deserved podium Very Happy


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Re: Itallian GP Results

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:00 am

Well that's my first race in the bag, Did not realise that it was OSQ or i'd have made n attempt to practice, Managed to qually 6th first time round
with a scrappy lap, then 4th and finally 7th!!!

Took the start of the race very cutiously being the new guy, and not wanting to get a reputation as the leagues RoGro!! So think I lost a place at turn one, but came through unscathed, right time to race!!!

Saw my team off at Dello rogia, with that manged to move up a few spots in the pack, coming down the straight to Ascari I saw a Mercedes go off into the gravel, so I stayed left throught the second part of the chicane but was hit side on by the car coming back onto the track, which resulted in loss of front wing, subsequently went of again at parabolica due to misjudging loss of downforce, pitted and made the silly mistake of putting primes on, this being the first 100% race I have done, it turn out my set up was not ideal for full fuel and I struggled with turn in. I was about 4 seconds of Ud pace at this point and miles back from everyone, which was demoralising, but I refused to give in during my first race,

Pitted on lap 23 or so, and put on options, that when the car came back to me and I had Stub some 20's up the road, and set about the task of catching him, got within 5 secondsand pitted again only to make a massive mistake at turn 1 then again at second chicance, but re-focussed and managed to pass him with 3 or 4 laps remaining, with a DRS assisted overtake into Ascari, well played stub for spotting i was coming and and not turning in, I noted that I was also taking time from Dids for the remainder of the race, ?if he was holding back as position secured.

Overal an enjoyable experience, but I need to practice and maybe tweak set ups for an improved first stint, that crash in lap one maybe cost me 1 or 2 places, but maybe it was my fualt, i'd need to see it again, but ultimately it was a good laugh

Cheers guy and well done to the top three


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Re: Itallian GP Results

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:56 am

My home grand prix is full of mixed emotions but am satisfied with this 4th position.

first session we did I finished 4th, locked up into turn 1 but managed to stay on the track. Great rest of the lap and crossed the line 4th. Second attempt, finished 5th with a faster lap. Was on for 3rd but made a mistake at the Parabolica. Last quali made a mistake down at turn 1 lap over, making me start at the back of the grid which rather seemed to sum up an awful day I was having.

Race- Sitting at the back of the grid for the home GP is never a nice feeling. However, I got an amazing start challenging for 7th down into turn 1. I managed to out-drag Mightytalisker up to turn 2. I noticed Gav and RDS had a bit of an incident. Through to turn 3 myself, Stub, Crank and one of the Red Bull's were having a great battle into Ascari, were Crank ran wide and I had to turn out of the corner into the gravel to avoid contact with Stub, not quite sure what he was doing but he is usually clean and very fair so I think it was the excitement of battle haha. I opted to run through the whole gravel trap in order to rejoin the track in a safe manner and not be of danger to anyone. I rejoin (safely I may add! as I was one of the drivers pushing for rejoining the track safely at the start of the season) got clattered by the new Williams guy who appeared to take an absurd line and chomped across the front of my car, causing him to lose his front wing and throwing me into the barrier. This lost me so much time it's a joke, race over!

Going into lap 2 I was 18 seconds behind the next guy, I think it was on of the Red Bull's. Eventually I got passed and set off after Stubs. I was reeling him in quickly and got him on lap 8 or 9 I think. I think he ran wide at Ascari which gave me a run at him on the following straight. He tried to defend, cleanly I may add but I sailed past him. Next up my team mate, a 14 second gap. At this point I wanted to give up as I knew I had the pace but seemed so far behind. I caught him within 5 laps, he made a mistake down in turn 1 and yielded the position to me (thanks Dids!)

Carried on attacking, and opted to pit on lap 23 on my battered options. I stuck on the primes, hoping to get to the end of the race with them as I didn't want a repeat of what happened in Spa as that puncture cost me many, many places. The balance on the primes felt amazing, I felt at one with the car, it was a dream to drive. I noticed I was catching LII4M at around a gap of 0.7-.8 seconds a lap. I eventually got passed him as he appeared to be driving very aggressively over the curbs spitting his car sideways, almost taking me out in the process. I had to lift off but no harm done. For the next 20 odd laps I fight with Crank and RDS appeared to brew as I was catching both quickly. Lap 34, made a mistake at the parabolica again, costing me 4 seconds meaning I had start from a 17 second gap from scratch. This made me more determined as I knew I wouldn't be pitting again and was sure the 2 ahead would be. RDS did eventually pit, and fell back big time on fresh tyres, the gap kept on growing as the laps were commencing, can you confirm what happened RDS? Got the gap to Crank to around 4 seconds and just thought I'd back the pace off a bit as he would be pitting soon. I was very wrong, as he appeared to be 1 stopping too. The gap kept on getting smaller and I made a few half lunges to warn him of my presence. Lap 49 I had DRS on the main straight, engineer comes on the radio telling me that my brakes were too cold, pressed the brake pedal earlier than normal and just locked up straight away making slight contact with Crank into turn 1. I slowed and yielded the position back (I apologize again Crank nothing I could do) Next 3 laps was a constant battle, good fun indeed. I got DRS again after turn 4, side-by-side with Crank and collided. I'm still not sure what happened there? as I said I kept my car as straight as possible, if it did drift ever so slightly then I am sorry. Anyway, Crank went spinning, I slowed let him back past and he pitted straight away for new tyres. This left me very lonely on the last lap, a chance to take a breather and bring the car home in 4th.

It was very eventful from start to finish. I still believe the start of the race ruined the possibility of having another great battle with Gav, but such is life. I was impressed with the pace and balance of the car throughout the race and must now look forward to Singapore, where I hope for a normal race from start to finish!


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Re: Itallian GP Results

Post by Lii4M_ on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:56 pm

qualy - in first session, i cut ascari so rightfully retired. 2nd session managed to grab 3rd. and in the second session, ended up in the gravel at ascari - judging by the laptimes i would of been up there had i not made that mistake Sad

Race - Start, Dekk got a lagged start and the car behind him clearly lacked the reaction time to move to the right to avoid his car, instead running into the back of dek and pushing him sideways, this meant dekks car clipped my rear and sent me round before i'd even got a 100m of the start line. Rest of the first stint went well, a couple of mistakes here and there but got the gap to the battle for 3rd down to about 3 seconds on the slower tyre. In the end managed to get the tyres to lap 29 for my first stint. Had a good little battle with gav, But my plan was working well, gav was no more than 5 seconds ahead of me before i pitted and rds and crank were a further 10 seconds back, on fresher tyres i should be able to undercut gav.. however i came out behind crank and rds and we proceeded to battle for a few laps before RDS pitted, I just couldnt escape crank and ended up putting it in the gravel from pushing to hard. A couple of laps after i had a weird spin, i went through ascari normally but the back end slid and spat the car out as i corrected it, the car swung the opposite direction planting me firmly in the wall with no front wing , that put my podium efforts down the drain. Came out 10 seconds behind RDS and managed to catch and pass him with in a few laps. Again though, on the exit of ascari i felt my car slide as i went to correct the slide my car straightened itsself up (meaning there was no need to correct) but it was to late i had turned right into the gravel on the exit of ascari just before the run off, as my car came to the run off however it chucked me into the wall on the other side of the track. This time giving me no front wing and a puncture, i decided to call it quits as i have enough of the game now.


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Re: Itallian GP Results

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