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Title Decider - Q&A - Cameron_McMahon

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Title Decider - Q&A - Cameron_McMahon

Post by Chaz_B_97 on Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:11 am

After speaking with the Championship leader RussLad12, I also caught up with his closest challenger, Cameron_McMahon.

Q1: You currently stand 8.5 points behind Russ in the championship, with all kind of permutations that can happen in terms of the outcome of the championship, are you going to treat this like any other race?

A: Indeed I will be treating this like any other race, although I know I have to have things go in my favour. I feel that if I push too much and start worrying about the championship then complacency will set in, and I cannot afford to get complacent especially at this stage of the season with it being the very last race with the title on the line.

Q2: The second half of the season, you've been consistently scoring high points in multiple races, however you haven't won since the (very wet) Monaco Grand Prix, do you think taking the top step of the podium is realistic in Abu Dhabi?

A: Second half of the season has had it's ups and downs, scoring high points has been good with 5 podiums 2 seconds places and 3 third places. However the downside is after the Monaco victory I went 3 races without any points which was just awful in my pursuit of the championship, but Abu Dhabi will be a completely different challenge as it isn't one of my stronger tracks so the top step may be a stretch but I will be giving it 110% as expected.

Q3: With the Constructors' Championship not going to Renault this season, are you disappointed that you haven't had a consistent team-mate throughout the season given that your current team-mate has won 2 in a row since his debut in Mexico?

A: Yes i'm disappointed as currently we are only 57 points behind constructor leaders Mercedes. My team mate left after Azerbaijan and we went on a run of 11 races with only 1 driver taking part in the events so gaining valuable points was always going to be tough with it just being myself who was racing for Renault.

Q4: Will you be asking xTWIST_ROYALTYx to help you out in the championship in anyway he can (in a sporting manner of course), or will try and win the championship without your team-mate's help?

A: No I will not be asking for any favours from my team mate, if I am going to win the title it is going to be on my own.

Q5: And finally, what will it mean to you to win the AL1 Season 8 Drivers' Championship, adding your name to the Hall of Fame?

A: It would be great to win the championship this season, it's a great league with great drivers who race so clean and fair, which has shown this season with four of us in contention going down to the final race. May the best man win.

Thanks for taking part in the Q&A Cameron_McMahon, Good Luck in the Season Finale!

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