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Title Decider - Q&A - Misterflash

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Title Decider - Q&A - Misterflash

Post by Gonk721 on Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:30 pm

After talking to the the championship leader, Russlad and his nearest competitor. We caught up with the 3rd place contender, Misterflash. These are his thoughts on the final race.

Q1: You currently stand 11.5pts behind Russlad and 3 points behind Cameron. Knowing that anything can happen with regards to the Drivers' title, how will you be treating this final race?

A1: I Will do a lot of practise during the Coming days so i can hopefully get a front row start.
Also going to think a lot about my race strategy.

Q2: Throughout the season, you've had great results from multiple podiums, with only 1 win at Italy this season. Knowing the other contenders, do you think you could take the top step at Abu Dhabi?

A2: It is going to be a dificult and intense race so anything can happen, but i hope my consistensy and not getting any cornercut penalty's during the race Will help me with getting the win in abu dhabi

Q3: With the constructors championship going to the last race as well. You are 33.5pts behind, and there are 43pts available, will you be working with your teammate to help you no matter what(in a sporting manner) win the constructors championship ahead of Mercedes?

A3: In the beginning of the season my teammate and me scored good points every race but after the summer break he got injured and couldn't race anymore so Mercedes got a big gap to us. I think we have to Settle in second position This season and we try again next year

Q4: Knowing that you need to keep in front of all your contenders, will there be any team orders to your teammate to help you win the title or will you try and win it yourself?

A4: I Dont expect any teamorders from maurizio arrivabene. He let us race each other all season long and i expect him to let us do that in the last race as well

Q5: And finally, what would it mean to you to be crowned the AL1 Season 8 Drivers' Champion, and if goes all well with teammate, AL1 Season 8 Constructors' champions and adding your name/s to the hall of fame?

A5: Winning my first title This season would be very special, it Will be a Great reward for al the work and effort that i, trond and the team did This season.
Like i Said, the contructors title Will be very difficult to win but if we do, it Will be a season i Will remember as long as i live

Thank you for taking part in our Q&A for this season. We wish you and your team the best of luck in this final race.


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