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AL1's Russian GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's Russian GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:51 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our 4th podium press conference here at Sochi, and today, we have the top 3 drivers of a wonderful and exciting race who are Michemery, Misterflash and Cameron.

Welcome gentlemen and congratulations on getting the top 3 steps...

We would like to get the questions started with our race winner, Michemery....

Q1: Well done on getting another race win so far. In the race we saw you get the hattrick of Pole, Win and the Fastest lap, were you expecting that at a track you not so keen on?

A1: No I wasn't.  I expected Calspur to be pushing me the whole race but it didn't turn out like that which made the race a bit easier for me. It was still tough though, Cameron and NeverDie had great pace at the start of the race on the ultras and Cookie was also very quick. It was no means easy.

Q2: With this race win and your rival Cal, not finishing, it moves you to on top by 12.5pts, does this give you a breather or are you worried Cal could come back even more stronger and determined?

A2: We have to wait and see. The next 3 tracks are some of my strongest and i really enjoy them. I'm sure Cal will be wanting to come back fighting and i know it will be very close, I'm just glad to come out of my weaker tracks with the championship lead.

Thank you Mich, we'll come back to you shortly....

We'll come to you Mister, Well done on your 2nd podium.

Q1: Another podium and your 4th race in a row to score points, it moves you to 3rd in the championship. Do you think you can carry it on and close the 21pts gap to the leader?

A1: I am very happy with 2 place today, This was the best result we could achieve. I knew that if i stayed close to Cameron, that there was a chance that there was a chance that i could overtake him after the race because of his penalties. In terms of the driver standings, after pre-season testing i targeted P3 in the driver standings and so far that is where i stand now. I will do all i can to close the gap to the leaders but it won't be easy, as Mich and Calspur are very quick.

Q2: Cameron did a 2 stop strategy to your 1 stop strategy, and catching you quickly throughout the race, At any point were you feeling pressured to change your strategy?

A2: My driving style, compared to most of the other drivers, is very friendly for the tires and consistend. That combined with Sochi not being a hard track on the tire wear made me commit to a 1 stop. Am sorry for my bad english.

Thank you Mister....

Now for our P3 man, Cameron well done on getting another podium...

Q1: After a weather changing Qualifying, you ended up in the midfield. Were you worried about any carnage that could have been caused?

A1: Yeah, i was a bit worried starting from P9, i think it was and with the possible carnage at the end of the straight. I managed to stay out of trouble and ended up in P4 or P5 by the end of the lap which was better than i was expecting.

Q2: Was the 2 stop strategy your choice or was it a team decision to maximize as many points as possible after your teammate pulled out with some sort of mechanical issue?

A2: The 2 stop was always my priority as i felt it was my best chance of a podium and allowed me to go as fast as i could.

Thank you Cameron and well done.

Back to our race winner Mich for the final question...

Q1: Ferrari are top of the Constructors' title by 40.5pts, Do you think that they can carry on the streak they are on?

A1: I Don't see why not. We have been the most consistent so far and Tom has done a great job to bring back point for us. However we have to keep pushing, the reason we are so far ahead is because other teams like Williams have only had 1 driver which has made it very difficult for them to compete. But it's looking very good for us at the moment. Anything can change though.

Thank you very much guys for joining us for this podium press conference... we can see your teams are wanting to get the party started so will let you all go and congratulations...

Thank you very much for joining us, ladies and gentlemen and we'll see you all on the podium at the end of our Spanish GP.....


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