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AL2's Spanish GP Podium Press Conference

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AL2's Spanish GP Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:58 pm

Welcome to the Circuit De Catalunya's Podium Press Conference and with us, we have AllShotDown, DaveJ and LeeNel, who have managed to secure the top steps.

We'll start our questions with our race winner, AllShotDown.

Q1: After a difficult Qualifying, we saw you in the middle of the pack. Were you worried about any accidents that could happen in front of you?

A1: Yeah I was to be honest, after I ran wide through turn 3 I thought that was it, but by the end of lap 1 we started to get into a groove and get on with the race.

Q2: Both you and Lee have the same amount of points in the drivers' standings. Are you worried about his current form of podium after podium and pull away from you in the standings?

A2:Well to say I wasn't would be a lie, however this just means the championship battle will be more fun starting now.

Thank you, we'll come back to you with the final question after we have spoken to the other drivers.

We'll now ask our P2 man, DaveJ.

Q1: Wow, another poium. How are you feeling now your having a great start to the season and in P3 in the drivers' standings and 16 pts behind the leaders?

A1: The season so far is great, but it's only the start, a lot of races to go, the leaders are there on merit so I will try and keep plugging away at those 16 pts.

Q2: You seem to be getting some great points so far. Could this be because this years car suits your driving style or are you practicing a lot?

A2: I always practice Dean, sometimes too much lol, it's a funny one this years cars, it suits some more than others, last year, fast guys who were beating me, I am now beating and the slow guys from last year are lapping me, should be a great season ahead.

Thank you DaveJ, and well done on another podium...

We'll now come to our P3 Man, LeeNel.

Q1:After a great qualifying, you grabbed pole, but sadly you lost places in the race. Could this be due to the car setup?

A1: I believe so, yes, as I was struggling all race with front end grip and had the occasional snap of oversteer, like what I had going into turn 3 at the beginning of the race.

Q2: So far we've had 4 podiums in a row, could we see a personal best of a 5th podium at the next track?

A2: Depends on how many people finish the race, on pure pace, probably not as it's my weakest track on the calendar and one I don't enjoy.

Thank you Lee, and well done on your 4th podium...

Now back to you, AllShotDown for the final question.

Q3:We're now off to the twisty and closed in track of Monaco, where it has been very difficult to overtake. How are you feeling about going to the next track?

A3: Monaco is a difficult track as there won't be much wheel to wheel racing, so all focus will have to go on qualifying and putting the car on the front row.

Thank you AllShotDown and well done on your 2nd win..

Thank you guys for joining us here and we'll now let you go back to your teams to de-brief and celebrate on getting up here.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us as well here at the Circuit De Catalunya and we'll see you at the end of what will be an exciting and exhilarating race at the Tight, Twisty hard overtaking track of Monaco.


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