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AL1's Canadian GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's Canadian GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:41 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the press room here in Montreal after a facinating Canadian GP and with us today are HairyBENN, Tigaby and Stevo.

Welcome gentlemen, we'll kick start our questions with our race winner, Hairy..

Q1: Congratulations on P1. This is your 1st win with us here at W2WR. How does it feel?

A1: Thanks for the congratulations. it feels good! I haven't had the best of starts this season for 1 reason or another, wether that be poor connection or a lapse in concentration resulting in DNF. But all clicked on Wednesday for me. There are some extremely quick, and consistent guys in this league (Mich and Stevo to name a few). I'm hoping I can push on from this win and get a few more podiums or top end points for the remainder of the season.

Q2: To us that were watching the race, it seemed a good battle to start off with but then it seemed like a lonely race out there in the lead. Did it seem like it to you?

A2: Being perfectly honest I was lucky to be in it come the end of the 1st lap! I got off the line well and Mich moved across to cover me, I completely misjudged the braking point and went side by side with Cameron and we had contact that I thought would result in front wing damage for me. I let off the gas also to allow Mich pass into T2 as I felt I gained an unfair advantage using Camerons car as a buffer to slow down and make T1. I was fortunate that others made mistakes before the rain period which just allowed me to focus on getting each lap done cleanly. Tig did close the gap to me within DRS mid race but spun so again i had a touch of good fortune lol.

We'll go to our P2 man, Tigaby

Q1: This is your 2nd podium in a row and 3rd this season. How does that feel?


Q2: You have scored points at every race so far which has put you 2nd in drivers' title and 10 pts behind your teammate. Are you hoping for your great form to continue at Azerbaijan?


We'll now cross over to our P3 man, Stevo.

Q1: Well done on getting up here for the 1st time. How does it feel?

A1: Thank you and i'm glad to get my 1st podium of the season in a race that felt like it was survival of the fitest lol.

Q2: Both you and our P2 man are the only drivers to score at every race. Are you also hoping for your great performances to continue at Azerbaijan?

A2: Its been good to score points at every race so far and yes I hope to continue that trend at Azerbaijan and don't crash and fall back to far or DNF. The good thing with this year is the cars are a lot easier to maneuver through the kinks in the 2km long flat out section so the track shouldn't be too hard.

Thank you Stevo, We'll go back to our race winner, Hairy for the final question of this conference.

Q3: We are at Azerbaijan next, what are your thoughts on going to this track?

A3: I'm still settling into league races as this is my 1st ever season league racing, so I think my performance, racecraft is still improving. I'm currently trying to find a stable setup to use for Baku as we speak. I'll need to put the Time Trial laps in though as i'm not confident at all through the castle section. maybe with some luck, a little effort I can get some valuable points for Haas and myself and use last week to kick on for the remainder of the season.

We would like to thank our 3 drivers for joining us and will let them get on and celebrate and de-brief with their teams.

And thank you to all of you for joining us here at Montreal and we will see you all at Baku for the European GP next week.


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