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AL2's Monaco GP podium Press Conference

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AL2's Monaco GP podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:14 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the press room here at Monte Carlo in Monaco after our AL2 drivers gave us a race to remember. Today with us, we have SnoopMarky, Dastardly and CHM1945.

Welcome gentlemen to our press room. Can we start with our race winner, SnoopMarky.

Q1: Well done on the top step after a great race. This is your 1st win of this season. How does it feel?

Q2: We saw the gap between you and P2 man, Dastardly, over 30 seconds. Was it an easy race for you to pull out that gap?

We'll come back to you shortly, after we've spoken to the other drivers. We'll now come to our P2 man, Dastardly

Q1: Well done on P2. This is your 1st podium this season. How does it feel?

A1: A podium at Monte Carlo is always special, it's a great feeling crossing that finish line after 78 laps, didn't think i'd have to wait until round 6 to stand on the steps but incidents & mistakes have put me to the back of the field in every round so far. Hopefully there'll be a few more this season but it won't be easy.

Q2: So far this season, you seem to be out qualifying and out racing your teammate. Are this years cars' suiting you better than your teammate?

A2: No, not particulary, my TM's had his share of incidents during races as well, i'm sure he'll be up for the next round at Canada & put some good points on the board for Toro Rosso.

Thank you Dastardly and well done. We'll come to our final driver CHM who secured P3.

Q1: Another driver to get his 1st podium this season. How does it feel to be up here?

A1: It feels great to be on the podium for the first time this season, always a good feeling to cross the line at Monaco.

Q2: We saw that you ended up a lap down on the leaders but still managed to get up here. Was this a track where you knew that a lot of casualties could happen and decided to take it easy to finish the race?

A2: You were right, i was taking things easy at the start as there is always a number of DNF's. I was a lap down for wing replacement which was my own fault. Thanks to the team for all their hard work in providing a reliable car.

Thank you CHM, and now back to our race winner for the final question

Q3: We sadly see you with a race ban for Canada. Will you be practising for Azerbaijan or will you be taking it easy?

Thank you gentlemen for joining us here in the press room and well done on the achieving the top 3 steps after an exciting race and we'll let you go celebrate with your teams.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us as well here at the tight and twisty track of Monte Carlo and we'll see you at  Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for our AL2 Canadian GP.

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