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AL2's Canadian GP Podium Press Conference

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AL2's Canadian GP Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:48 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the press room here at  Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Wow, what can we say, apart from what a race. And with us today we have DaveJ, JustMikey and Aletdownofstate.

Well done guys on getting here and welcome to our press room. We'll get our questions underway with our race winner DaveJ.

Q1: Congratulations on the top step. We finally see you get your 1st win in a while with us here at W2WR. How does it feel after all this hard work has paid off to get here?

A1: Dean, it was Friday and I haven't stopped celebrating, I felt really confident in the dry, me and wet tracks don't get on.

Q2: It looked like a very hard battle with Justmikey to get the win. Was his pace a little scary and did you think that he could possibly nip the win from you.

A2: He closed a 13 second lead down to under a second for the last 12 - 14 laps, if he had passed me I am sure he would have pulled away, He gets my DOTD vote

Thank you Dave for those answers, we'll come back to you shortly.

We'll come to you now JustMikey for the next questions as our P2 man.

Q1: After a disappointing race at Spain and Monaco. How does it feel to achieve the P2 spot in your debut full season?

A1: Was good to come 2nd, enjoyed the race, not had the best start to the season, but now i can only get better hopefully.

Q2: Well done on getting P2 although it could have been P1 as the battle with Dave was very close indeed. Did you think your pace could clinch the win from Dave?

A2: Yeah, the battle with Dave was good, was a couple of times I thought I could pass on the straight in the wet, but I just couldn't manage it. I did not wanna push it just in case there was an incident, thought 2nd is better than DNF.... Good race Dave

Thank you JustMikey.

We'll come to our P3 man, Aletdown.

Q1: Congratulations on P3. After a disappointing S8 and start to the season, we now see you get your 1st podium. How does it feel?

A1: Cheers! Great, it's been a long time coming and especially satisfying after DNFing from 3rd, 3 laps from the end of Monaco last week.

Q2: Towards the end of the race, it looked like Bloomstar was catching you as he finished a couple of seconds behind. Were you worried about him catching you and overtaking?

A2: Not really, I was focused on a battle with AllShotDown that had been brewing for about 3 seasons. In the end Bloom got us both due to a small incident towards the end, but penalties basically reverted the positions back to what they originally stood as.

Thank you Aletdownofstate.

We'll come back to you Dave for our final question of the interview.

Q3: Your now 2nd in the battle for the drivers' title and 13 pts behind. Are you going to carry on this hard push to close the gap?

A3: I always try Dean and will keep pushing to the end, a few more drivers have upped their game, so it should be good from now on, a big shout out to all the guys who finished. And to Bloom, great points for RedBullRacing.

Thank you gentlemen for joining us here at our press room and we would like to congratulate you again on achieving the top steps.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for also joining us and we will see you at Baku City Circuit for AL2's European GP


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