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AL2's European GP Podium Press Conference

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AL2's European GP Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:34 pm

Welcome ladies and gentle to the press room at Baku. Wow, what a race and we had a few more finishers here that seemed to take it a lot easier than our AL1 race drivers.

Joining us today are the 3 drivers that have managed to secure the podium steps after a few incidents throughout the field and they are Dastardly, JustMikey, and DaveJ. welcome gentlemen.

We'll start with our race winner, Dastardly.

Q1: Well done on your 1st race win. After your last podium chat, you said it wasn't going to be easy to get another podium but we saw you dominate with both pole and race win on a 1 stop. Was it as easy as that?

A1: Thanks Dean, & thanks to the Team, the car was exceptional all wk.end, great handling, pace & tyre wear, we couldn't have been happier with the outcome, hard work in free practice, put us on pole & the top step, so i wouldn't say the race was 'easy', incidents to numerous drivers at T1 certainly took a bit of pressure off, but we still had to push hard to open up that gap before deciding on the 1 stop Strategy.

Q2: This race win sees you catapulted to P3 in the drivers title, Can you close the gap to P1 and P2 20pts ahead?

A2: Hope so, there's plenty of races & points on the board to be won, we'll just have to keep working on it.

Thank you Dastardly and well done

We'll come to our P2 man, JustMikey.

Q1: Wow, your 2nd podium in your debut season, Your 2nd in a row and another P2. How does it feel?

A1: Total chuffed I managed to get 2nd especially after being 2nd last race. Let's hope I can continue this.

Q2: That looked like a lonely race for you out there as you finished 30secs behind our winner and 30secs in front of Davej. Was it a race strategy to take it easy or was it the way it ended up being as we are here at Baku?

A2: I am sure I had got cut up on turn 1, then got cut up again on turn 3 I think, which made me have to pit, so that why I was so far behind, and to be fair I was taking it easy in the last quarter, because all I wanted to do was finish the race, and 2nd again was better than a DNF.

Thank you JustMikey and well done

We now come to our P3 man, and current Drivers' title leader, DaveJ.

Q1: Sadly after your race win at Canada, we see you lose a couple of positions and end up 3rd. Was this a little slip up of heavy celebrating leading upto the race or was it race strategy to take it easy as we are at another tight and twisty track?

A1: Sadly!!!!!,?, Dean, I am overjoyed with 3rd, it's the first time I finished a 100% round Baku, my only strategy was to try and finish.

Q2: We currently see you as the title leader by 2pts, were you and the team ever expecting this or is this years car over exceeding everybody's predictions?

A2: I think I leader is there on merit, a few good, fast drivers have left, there are plenty left in this league to continue challenges at all tracks, predictions, anyone can win buddy. By the way I had the fastest race time.

Thank you Dave, and well done. I did realize after that you had fastest lap and have amended race data.

I'm just going to back to our race winner for 1 more question I've just thought of.

Q3: The driver behind you in the title fight, Snoop, is putting in some mighty race sessions and times. Does he feel a threat to you?

A3: All drivers are a threat to us, 1 or 2 good results doesn't mean a lot in a Championship, it'll be the most consistent driver over the season who comes out on top I feel & we've a way to go yet before we achieve that. Thanks

Thank you Dastardly and congratulations on the top step.

Thank you gentlemen and we'll let you all go and join you team and celebrate your podiums.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us and the podium drivers and i hope you enjoyed the race and we'll see you all at the home of RedBull Racing and their track, The RedBull Ring in Spielberg for our Austrian GP.


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