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AL1's Austrian GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's Austrian GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:35 pm

Hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Red Bull Ring here at Austria and what an eventful race we had, with only 5 finishers after an enthralling 71 laps. Today, we have the top 3 finishers of Cameron, Misterflash and HairyBenn joining us today.

Welcome gentlemen and well done on not just finishing the race but managing to secure the top 3 steps. We would like to start of with our race winner, Cameron

Q1: Another race win and your 2nd in a row. How does that feel?

A1: Good feeling and one I hope continues, am hungry for more.

Q2: We saw you get the full house here at Austria of Pole Position, Race win and Race Fastest Lap. Did you think you could do it?

A2: Pole and fastest lap is good but it's the result that counts, obviously qualifying high up the grid gives a good chance of a good result so i'm happy with that. Good weekend overall.

Thank you Cameron, we'll come back to you at the end and after we have chatted to the other drivers.

We can now come to our P2 man, Misterflash. Well done on securing the 2nd step.

Q1: Another race where you score big points in a row. Your pace is great and keeping you close to cameron 2pts ahead of you. Are you going to keep the pressure on him to make a mistake?

A1: I am going to give everything i have to keep the pressure on Cameron, not going to give HIM the championship this year.

Q2: The driver behind you, HairyBenn, claimed you made a dodgy move on him, and gained an illegal position, did you see it that way?

A2: Maybe that wasn't my cleanest move, but i was a bit pissed because 1 or 2 laps earlier, I was alongside HIM at turn 2 and he just turned into me, like i wasn't there, and to save my wing, i needed to cut the corner and that gave me my 6th and last warning so I had a 2nd 3 second penalty.

Thank you Misterflash, and well done.

We'll come to our 3rd place man and final driver of the podium, HairyBenn.

Q1: After a poor result in baku, we saw you bounce back with a podium of 3rd place, how does it feel?

A1: The podium was great to get, i took a gamble and attempted the 1 stop and it paid off. My tyres on my 1st stint were knackered by lap 30 when i pitted. But the 2nd stint, the tyre wear was surprisingly low on the supersofts. Its great to get points on the board for myself and HAAS once more. Hopefully i can just become more consistent in the points scoring.

Q2: You made a claim that Misterflash made a dodgy move on you to keep 2nd place. are you sure it was dodgy or could it have been down to your 1 stop strategy and you were on worn tyres compared to his fresh tyres?

A2: I don't feel that my tyres had anything to do with the overtake scenario. Misterflash was on the quicker tyre tho and fresh ones at that but overtaking is limited @Austria, i feel really T2 and T3 maybe, so i knew where i had to be in rich mix to give myself a chance of defending!. Aside from that incident, it was battle to be a part of and i really enjoyed the challenge. I'm looking forward to more battles as we continue on.

Thank you HairyBENN for your answers and well done.

We'll come back to our race winner for one last question.

Q3: That race win now puts you top of the drivers' title by 2 points. Do you think you could keep it and retain the title of Drivers Champion from S8?

A3: Now i'm leading the championship, i'm more driven than ever to extend that lead but i admit i face some stiff competition so it should be a lot of fun and hopefully i come out on top.

Thank you gentlemen and we'll let you go and complete your de-brief and celebrations til our next round at Silverstone, home of the British GP.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us here at Austria and we'll see you all at Silverstone.


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