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AL1's British GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's British GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:49 am

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our press room here at Silverstone, home of the British GP. We had a very mixed race here today but we had 3 clear drivers who secured the top steps of our podium and they join us, so please welcome Cameron, HairyBENN and Stevo_F1X.

Welcome gentlemen and we'll start our questions of with our race winner Cameron.

Q1: Well done on another great race win and that now makes it 3 in a row. Did you ever think it was possible?

A1: To be honest, no, but i'm starting to get used to the car and that can only help me fight for more.

Q2: That win now puts you in front of the Drivers' title fight by 27 points, do you feel that you are within grasp of retaining the Championship?

A2: It's far too early to think about that right now am just taking it a race at a time.

Thank you Cameron and well done on the race win.

We'll come to to Hairy, congratulations on securing 2nd place.

Q1: How does it feel to get a 2nd podium in a row but this time securing 2nd place?

A1: I'm happy with another podium. I've been focusing on being more consistent over the past few races after a terrible start to the season and it's starting to pay off. I'm looking forward to hungary and will be aiming for another step on the podium. It would be great to take top step but I know i'll need to find a lot more time to catch Cameron.

Q2: We saw you score great points with HAAS in the first half of the season but we now see you go to Toro Rosso and get a teammate that has been scoring regular points. Do you hope to carry on your great form for yourself and new team?

A2: I think me and Stevo will push each other, we are close in the drivers' championship and consider each other rivals, so it can only help the team to do better. I think we can make a real go of securing 2nd at least in the constructors.

Thank you Hairy and well done on P2.

We'll come to our final driver, Stevo. Well done on scoring P3.

Q1: This is your 2nd podium this season and a consistent amount of points to go with it. How are you feeling?

A1: It feel good to get on the podium again after Canada and a very interesting race that started inters wet and then dried out to slicks where different people went either the supersofts or the soft tyre to end. Knowing the supersoft would/could last to the end with the track damp and drying out and causing little initial wear but I went for the soft and chewy went for the supersoft and although he pulled away from the start of our stints with him being on the quicker tyre and it adapting to the drying track better, I was catching him back up later on and just as I caught him and trying to overtake, he got a punctuyre and 3rd was for the taking. I didn't want to earn 3rd this way but it's the result I needed.

Q2: We see you get a new teammate from Hungary onwards, who has been scoring great points. Do you feel him as a threat in the drivers' fight or a godsend to help you and the team in both fights?

A2: Most of my seasons, I have been in the situation where i've been the teammate and the no1 driver for the team pushing forward lol. So no, to have a faster driver than myself join is relatively new to me at W2WR in the 9 seasons I have raced here, but I welcome HairyBENN10 to the team in the team in this case to mak ethe remainder of the season more interesting for the constructors and racing in general. I don't see HairyBENN10 as a threat as I know his overall pace and he will generally be ahead of track so business as usual and I will let him past if we're on different tyre strategies which is normal as going back to the constructors. Yes, in a way, it will be a godsend for me with HairyBENN10's help to hopefully win the constructors.

Thank you Stevo, and well done.

Just before we let you guys go and celebrate and de-brief, we would like to ask our race winner one final question.

Q3: Now your teammate is back, are you hoping that both you and he can finish in the points and close the gap in the constructors' fight?

A3: Yes, definitely, I've already said I want to fight for the constructors title this season and I think we have a good chance.


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