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AL2's British GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL2's British GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:09 pm

Hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen to our press room here at Silverstone, home of the British GP. We had a mixed Qualifying leading to the sort of race we have come to expect at the British Grand Prix and which never surprised us today and we had a change after change. Please welcome the 3 drivers who came out on top and they are SnoopMarky, Boi_Better_know and someone who has come a regular part of a podium DaveJ.

Welcome gentlemen and we'll start our questions of with our race winner SnoopMarky.

Q1: Well done on securing the win. This is your 2nd race win this season. How does it feel?

A1: Race win feels good. Finally managed to get some testing to really dig into a goid setup.

Q2: The race win moves you to 4th in the drivers' title fight and 30 points behind the leader, do you feel that you can close the gap?

A2: 30 points is a gap to close but we'll keep pushing.

Thank you SnoopMarky.

We'll come to to Boi_Better_Know, congratulations on securing 2nd place.

Q1: Well done on your 2nd podium this season. How does it feel?

A1: It was a good race and was happy with 2nd.

Q2: Well done on getting pole position but we saw you drop a place and finish 2nd. Was there a problem with the car setup in race trim or was it just a difficult race?

A2: I don't have any setups atm so i'm struggling for pace.

Thank you Boi, and well done on P2.

We'll come to our final driver, and a regular podium spotter, DaveJ.

Q1: Well done on achieving another podium and making up so many places. Did you think it was possible?


Q2: This podium now gives you, your 4th podium in a row and a slightly comfortable lead of 22 points in the drivers' title fight and a 27 point lead in the constructors' title fight. Do you as a team feel that this good form can continue?


Thank you DaveJ, and well done.

Just before we let you guys go and celebrate and de-brief, we would like to ask our race winner one final question.

Q3: Ferrari are 3rd in the constructors' title fight, do they feel that the car can be pushed and close the gap to Toro Rosso and RedBull?

A3: The team are strong and we need to be more consistent with results. We'll get there.

Thank you gentlemen for your answers and we'll see you at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Thank you to you as well ladies and gentlemen and we'll see you at Budapest for our AL2's Hungarian GP.


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