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AL1's Belgian GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's Belgian GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:51 pm

Hello there and welcome to Spa-Francorchamps circuit here in Belgium. What an excitable close qualifying followed by a bit more opened up race but what a race we had. And with us today here in the podium press room are the 3 drivers who managed to score the top 3 steps, and they are Cookie_Games, HairyBENN and Misterflash.

Welcome gentlemen, and we would like to start our questions of with our race winner, Cookie_Games.

Q1: Well done on your 1st race win. How are you feeling?

A1: I am feeling amazing. It's my first win in this league and I can't wait for the next one. ( Very Happy )

Q2: We saw you at Sauber for the 1st half of the season with no teammate and struggling for points We now see you in the Mercedes alongside a teammate who has been scoring great points, has this given you the confidence to push both yourself and the car?

A2: In a way it gives you confidence that you have a competitive teammate that pushes you to the limit and I like it. I really didn't have luck with Sauber and I am glad I am out of it. ( Very Happy )

Thank You Cookie and congratulations on the race win.

We'll come to HairyBENN who secured P2 and his 5th podium.

Q1: Well done on another podium. How are you feeling?

A1: Thanks, I'm happy with my performance again this week. My consistency has been improving slowly which I've been aiming to do so and that's another reason to be positive going into the last 3rd of the season. ( Very Happy ). Hopefully now I can just get everything to click and get another win in my debut season.( Neutral )

Q2: With you being 5th in the drivers' title fight, it now means that you are 4 points behind your teammate. Have the team issued any team orders in regards to the drivers' title fight and constructors' title fight?

A2: No orders of yet. The team are pleased it now has 2 drivers competing for regular podiums, the Drivers' Championship isn't on the cards for us this season, whereas the Constructors' is well within our grasp!. ( Very Happy ) we'll be aiming to push each other to do better for the team. Monza will be tight this week across the whole field so team strategy might have to come into it. But if we both finish and get good positions will be pleased. ( Very Happy )

Thank you hairy and well done.

We'll now come to our P3 man and multiple podium sitter, MisterFlash.

Q1: Well done on another podium, this is getting quite regular of you being up here, although it isn't a race win, it is still enough points to bring the gap down. Are you hoping for your form to continue out scoring Cameron and get regular podiums?

A1:I am happy with my podium but a race win would have been better, I had the pace at Spa to win but a damaged wing again at the start. ( Sad )

Q2: We saw your new teammate outscore you in the race and achieve almost perfect score for the team. How are you feeling and are you hoping for the team to intervene and issue team orders to help you in the drivers' title fight?

A2: It is to early to use team orders and the gap is too big with Cameron at the moment ( Neutral ). If I can't win at Monza, then it is going to be difficult to win the Drivers' Championship.( Neutral )

Thank you Mister and well done on another podium.

We would like to come back to our race winner for one final question.

Q3: Mercedes took P1 and P3 in that race and achieved the most combined points out of the top 5 teams who are competing for the Constructors' title, How are the team feeling and will they be issuing team orders to help Misterflash in the Drivers' title fight?

A3: Well I would assume they would let us race at least until I have a theoretical chance of winning the title but i will be prepared to help him if he will need it. And we have a Constructors' title to fight for and I will probably be focused more to that. To just bring results to the tam and try to clinch the Constructors' title. So no backing up for now. ( Very Happy )

Thank you Cookie.

Thank you gentlemen and well done on securing the podium steps and we'll let you all go and celebrate your positions with the teams.

And thank you to you as well ladies and gentlemen and we'll catch you all in the podium press room at the end of our Italian GP.


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