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AL1's Singapore GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's Singapore GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:33 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. Wow, what an exciting and weird race we had for you today and the weather to go with it as well. Please welcome our 8th different race winner so far this season, Stevo. A man who has achieved his 2nd podium so far, Cookie. And no stranger to multiple podiums this season and current Drivers' Title leader, Misterflash.

Welcome gentlemen and we'll start off the questions with our race winner, Stevo.

Q1: Well done on the race win. After a difficult race, ow are you feeling?

A1: Yes, it was a difficult race for me after starting at the back after a mistake in Qualifying where my only lap set was on Supersofts when I wanted to try something different to the others incase the rain came late on.
(He goes into a very in depth description of the race, lap by lap, sadly was too much to type).
I was ecstatic having won the race when I was never in the position to do so early in the race, not been fast enough and losing time at every pit stop as the timing of the conditions meant it favoured who was closest to the front of the pack but i did it in the end getting my 4th W2WR race winand hopefully it won't be long for my 5th!

Q2: That now moves you to 3rd in the Drivers' Title fight and 35pts behind our current leader Misterflash. Does that give you the confidence to push hard and close the gap more?

A2: Yes it's good to be 3rd in the Championship now even if I am 35pts behind Misterflash but even though I won at Singapore I know I can't compete with Cameron, Misterflash and Cookie for that matter as I know he will overtake me before too long so I will see how the last 6 races goes but I think I will be fighting Chewy for 4th in the Championship in the end so that will make it interesting.

Thank you Stevo and well done.

We'll come to our P2 man, Cookie.

Q1: Well done on P2 and your 2nd podium. How are you feeling?

A1: Thanks, my pace in Singapore was amazing but unfortunately in the 4th lap, I got wing damage after I closed a bit too much on Benn and that costed me around 40secs and put me at the back of the field. I had to fight through it and chasing down Misterflash was quite amazing as well. I am a bit salty I didn't get the win, after a mistake in the hairpin and that lead to losing half a wing but it is still a good result.

Q2: We have 6 races left and a possible max pts of 150 available and 131 pts behind our leader and your teammate, Misterflash. With that in mind, does that mean team orders now come into play?

A2: As i said 2 races ago, I am not planning on helping my teammate unless it's gonna be necessary because i am still in a title contention (theoretically) I don't doubt in him. If he is gonna be consistent as he has through the whole season, I think he has it in the bag. And we are gonna try and get Constructors Championship as well.

Thank You Cookie and well done.

We'll now come to our man who is no stranger to multiple podiums and our current Drivers' Championship leader, Misterflash.

Q1: Well done on P3. This podium now puts you on top in the drivers' fight by 8pts. Do you feel that you have to carry on pushing to extend that gap?

A1: The title is not won yet, There are still 6 races to go. I think that if I can finish 3 out of the 6 in front of Cameron on pure pace, I can win the title. I think that it is going to be like last season when the championship was decided in the last race.

Q2: Mercedes are now top in the Constructors title fight. With the question i asked your teammate in mind, are you hoping for team orders and for them to concentrate on trying to achieve the double?

A2: Like I said last race, with this very good teammate I now have we can definitely win the Constructors this year... No team orders needed at the moment.

Thank you Mister and well done on P3.

Thank you gentlemen and congratulations on getting P1, P2 & P3. We'll see you at Malaysia.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us here today and hope you enjoyed the race as much as we did and we'll see you at Sepang International Circuit and our Malaysian Grand Prix


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