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AL2's Singapore GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL2's Singapore GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:52 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. Wow, what an exciting race we had for you all to watch and enjoy. Please welcome to our Podium Press DaveJ, Allshot and Justmikey.

Welcome gentlemen and we'll start off the questions with our race winner, and multiple podium sitter, DaveJ.

Q1: That race win puts you back on top by 6pts. How are you feeling?

A1: Yeah, feeling good, wasn't expecting to get the whole race finished, had a great first stint with Dast and nearly walled it a couple of times.

Q2: RedBull seem to have wings and are flying in the lead of the constructors'. Will they continue to push both cars as hard as possible to increase that lead?

A2: I can't speak for Bloom but knowing the character he is, he will be pushing hard to the end, he has outscored me in the last 3/4 races so i will try and keep up with him.

Thank you Dave and congratulations, we'll come back to you at the end for our final question.

We'll now come to another multiple sitter, our P2 man, Allshot.

Q1: We see Dave jump above you again in the title fight by 6pts. Has he made it a very difficult battle for you to stay on top this season?

A1: Dave is making the title fight very challenging however it has definitely made the races more fun.

Q2: Sauber are currently 79pts behind RedBull, but with a possible 150pts available and 6 races left. Have they issued team orders and told you to just concentrate on the drivers title fight and concede the constructors title?

A2: No team orders so far, just as i've only recently got a teammate, the Drivers title is my number 1 focus.

Thank You Allshot and Well done on P2

We will now come to our P3 man, Justmikey

Q1: Well done on P3. This is your 3rd podium in your debut season. How are you feeling?

A1: Pretty good that i managed to get 3rd. Was not expecting to get that high.

Q2: You are currently running 6th in the drivers' standings and 87pts behind the leader. Do you need to push harder to get more points or is it all about finding your feet in this 1st season?

A2: I will be trying to get as much points as i can, certanly won't be catching anyone now i don't think, as i have just been lucky i think with not as much drivers on the grid to grab points. but hoping to get a bit higher, just have to wait and see, as there's not a lot of races left now.

Thank you Justmikey

We'll come back to dave for the final question of the day.

Q3: This season seems to be the best season so far since you joined W2WR. But with 6 races left and 150pts available, can you see yourself finishing as S9's Drivers and Constructors Champion?

A3: Not sure bout drivers championship, but confident we will take the constructors, no pressure teamie. lol

Thank you gentlemen and congratulations on getting P1, P2 & P3. We'll see you at Malaysia.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us here today and hope you enjoyed the race as much as we did and we'll see you at Sepang International Circuit and our Malaysian Grand Prix


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