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Season 9's Drivers World Champion Q & A - Misterflash

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Season 9's Drivers World Champion Q & A - Misterflash

Post by Gonk721 on Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:31 pm

Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to our end of season 9's Championship, and wow, what a championship where it all came down to the last race again for the second season running.
We went into the final race in a 3 way battle with 6 points between the top 3 drivers for the title of Season 9's Drivers World Champion, and they never disappointed us with their battles.
At the end of an intense 55 laps, and a great battle with his teammate, Misterflash kept his cool and managed to keep in front of his closest rivals, Chewy and Stevo. With Misterflash finishing ahead of them both, he finished 12.5 pts ahead of Chewy and 19 pts ahead of stevo.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to our press room, our New Drivers World Champion of Season 9, Misterflash.

Welcome Misterflash and thank you for joining us here and can hope you can answer a few qustions for us.

Q1: After a very close Season 8 battle, you finished 2nd due to penalties but here in Seson 9, we see you now crowned Drivers' World Champion without any problems. How are you feeling?

Q2: In the early part of the season, you were having a battle with S8's Drivers World Champion, but he had to sadly pull out with a few races left. The next contenders to challenge you, were the most consistent drivers in Season 9 who managed to finish all 20 races and closed the gap to 6 points before the final race. Were you worried that one mistake could have cost you the title?

Q3: What are your plans over the next few weeks before we head to Season 10 where you will be defending your title as Drivers World Champion?

Thank you Misterflash, for joining us and Congratulations on becoming Season 9's Drivers World Champion. We look forward to a catch up in Season 10's Pre Race Q & A in a few weeks time. We believe the team are downstairs waiting for you to help with the celebrations.

Thank you all for joining us and our Drivers Champion of Season 9 and we will see you all again soon when we catch up with our Constructors World Champions and their drivers for our next bout of Q& A's


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Re: Season 9's Drivers World Champion Q & A - Misterflash

Post by Misterflash2 on Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:57 am

Q1: it feels amazing to finally win the season. After loosing the title back in AL3 season 3 and coming very close to winning it in season 8, i really deserved to win it this year i think.

Q2:yes, i didn't sleep to well the nights before the race because of stress for the raceweekend. All season long my qualy pace wasn't to fast, but i knew that i needed a good one this weekend to have a clean start, and i had a good one. the start was really stressy but after a few laps i could control the pace.

Q3: I am taking some time of to relax, make my head empty. Maybe drive some other cars on gt sport. But i will definitely try to win again next season but it won't be easy with a teammate that is this fast...

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