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11/02/2020 Decisions

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11/02/2020 Decisions Empty 11/02/2020 Decisions

Post by Aletdownofstate on Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:07 pm



Poorlyorange/DougieFalcon - For crowding another car off of the track, DougieFalcon is to receive 2 points on his super license for dangerous driving.



Aletdownofstate/Bannister - Racing incident, no further action.

Prev/Mikey - For causing a L1/T1 incident, Mikey to receive 4 points on his super license.

Prev/Blood - For causing a collision, Prev is to receive 2 points on his super license.

Bannister/Blood - Racing incident - no further action.

Prev/Bannister - Racing incident - no further action.

Mikey/Badger - For causing a racing incident, Mikey is to receive 2 points on his super license. This takes him to 6 points and therefore has a qualifying ban at the next attended race (Abu Dhabi.)

Devilsarmpit666/CHM - For causing a collision, Devilsarmpit666 is to recieve 2 points on his super license.

CHM - For an unsafe return to track, CHM is to recieve 2 points on his super license.

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