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f1 update patch

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f1 update patch

Post by Rob-Lee77 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:22 pm

now available

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Re: f1 update patch

Post by Stevo_F1 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:09 pm

Console Patch - Live Today

[ Edited ]Options‎08-11-2013 03:53 PM - edited ‎15-11-2013 09:20 AM Updated 15/11/13

Hey everyone, The patch has sucesfully passed submission by both Microsoft and SONY. The patch will go live today (hopefully this morning). Here are the patch notes: 

Major Fixes Multiplayer

When creating a game, there is now an added option in the race settings: “Downloadable Content Tracks “On / Off”. If you turn this to ‘Off’ any players who don’t have DLC installed will be able to find & join your game – that means opening up the ability for Classic/DLC players to play against standard edition players.
Improved AI replication on high latency / low bandwidth connections in Online Custom Races.
Equal car performance online Fixed a couple of issues related to car wheel positions which were making some cars quicker than others when equal performance was in use. 
Artificial Intelligence AI no longer pit immediately after a safety car
Mid Session Save - Fixed a bug which prevented car setups from being loaded correctly when a Mid Session Save is created while on track in a Practice session.
Fixed an issue in Career which would cause a perpetual load when resuming a Mid Session Save after accepting a mid season contract.
Also fixed instances of incorrect track initialisation and race logic.
AI cars will also no longer pit to change tyres when re-loading from a Mid Session Save.
Factual Accuracy - Updated the Tyre compound choice for Korea, Japan & India, USA and Brazil to reflect the 2013 season.
AudioChanges to audio mix volumes while on track.
Audio Memory changes, so there should be no audio dropout after longer durations of play / sitting on the pause menu.
Updated collision audio, and fixed some cases of audio drop out.

Minor Fixes

Added functionality to view gamer card / profile on results screens.
The race director will now be available in co-op if the one player retires from the season in qualification or practice.
Fixed a network issue where AI would not receive penalties correctly at the end of a race.
Fixed an occasion where AI cars could exit their box into the pit lane too fast.
Turning collisions off will now also disable the safety car.
Changed the car lighting on Yas Marina during the night.
Fixed a crash relating to a vote to end a session with players that have joined in progress.
Multiplayer ghosting issues fixed.
McLaren Cockpit view texture update.
Updated collision boxes on the Williams FW14B & the Ferrari F92A.
Resolved an issue in Split Screen where the player ones camera could slightly flicker.
Resolved an issue where the skipping to day 2 of the Young Drivers Test would make the day 1 hairpin test very difficult to complete.
Fixed some instances of the auto drive not releasing the Ferrari 312T2 correctly.
Removed Tweak in from the Fanatec Clubsport wheel, updated the Logitech Wingman Formula GP Wheel action map.
AI braking distances have been improved into turn 1 at Malaysia
Corrected Professional and Expert AI difficulty levels on Sakhir (Bahrain) & Monza.  (They were the wrong way around so Professional was Expert and vice versa).
Force feedback settings have been tweaked to remedy the mid corner ‘dropout’ that some players were reporting.
Fixed some instances where the player could corner cut on certain corners on Monza and Singapore.
Lowered the Silverstone pit lane speed limit.
Added a DRS Bleep sound to inform the player via audio that the DRS is available.

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