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Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport?

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Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport? Empty Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport?

Post by Chaz_B_97 on Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:45 pm

Many people regard Formula One as the true top of the tree when it comes to Motorsport. The world-wide recognition for Formula One is far superior to any other form of Motor Racing, but is it really the Pinnacle of Motorsport?

In recent times, Formula One has become a bit of a drag act. I mean I've watched F1 since I can remember and last season I actually missed races because I knew they'd be boring..(China for example)...To me, that's a sin.. I couldn't dream of doing that 10 years ago.. but the sport has changed. Other categories/forms of Motorsport are catching people's attention. For example, MotoGP isn't as glamorous as Formula One, but by heck it's more entertaining... and that's Formula One's downfall at this current period. There needs to be a change.

Then there's the World Endurance Championship. The WEC has grabbed a lot of attention in recent times, especially with drivers like Nico H├╝lkenburg taking part in the 6hrs of Spa and the 24hrs of Le Mans. Also, it's more competitive as well.. I mean did you see Silverstone!?! With Nissan's 1250bhp LMP1 car making a scene as well this season, the WEC is becoming a real force in the world of Motorsport.

But going back to the original point, is Formula One really the Pinnacle of Motorsport?

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Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport? Empty Re: Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport?

Post by madman_281 on Fri May 01, 2015 12:09 pm

I totally agree. As much as I love Formula One, it is getting too predictable and boring. Even when Red Bull won those consecutive constructor championships, teams like Mclarenn, ferrari and even lotus as some stage were challenging for the wins ad podium, and I miss the battle between caterham and marussia because it meant a lot to them. I went to Silverstone for the WEC and it is sooooo much more entertaining. You don't know how many pit stops a certain car is going to make, plus there's so many overtakes (LMP1/LMP2 overtaking GTE cars). Cant believe at Le Mans there will be probably 3 audis, 3 porsches, 2 toyotas and maybe 3 nissans THATS 11 CARS CHALLENGING FOR THE WIN! IM SO HYPEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport? Empty Re: Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport?

Post by McDASTARDLY-00- on Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:16 pm

Surely no one nodded off or got bored with yesterdays Grand Prix in Hungary, you couldn't list the incidents/overtakes etc without getting RSD in yer typing fingers, even the McLarens got to race '&' overtake cheers Did anyone see Ron smile.


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Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport? Empty Re: Formula One, The Real Pinnacle of Motorsport?

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