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My say on each driver i think needs mentioning

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My say on each driver i think needs mentioning

Post by madman_281 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:02 pm

Topman: First of all i would like to congratulate topman for winning this seasons championship. He has driven excellent all throughout the season and deserved to take the title. He has everything, consistency, plays fairly and most of all is might fast. Although we have had some altercations it has been a pleasure taking part in such an epic championship battle and hopefully more to come!!

Daflukey: He joined around halfway through the season and has had such an impact on the field. Every race he has been such a threat to everyone. Ive had so many battles with him on track, and everytime he has driven very sportmanlike, giving me room when needed. Certainly a contender for championship next season.

Whiteside: MASSIVE credit needs to be given to Mr WS. EVERY race he has been to he has stuck with it to the end even if he has been lapped 1-2 times. He peels off the track to let other drivers through (which some people dont know how to do), but what i appreciate most of all is that he sees every race to the end and does not just rage quit because things go wrong which we have seen from so many other drivers so credit to you whiteside and been a pleasure to have you in AL1.

Tallboy_Rocks: My teammate for the first ever time and we clinched the championship. Would not have done it without his effort on track. Again he is another one of the cleanest drivers i have seen on the site. He is always giving me advice on track when needed which i appreciate and will be remembered for his famous monaco win. Hopefully we will be teammates again for next season.

If anyone else feels like saying something about the other drivers in AL1 feel free to add their thoughts and opinions below:)

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Re: My say on each driver i think needs mentioning

Post by tallboy_rocks on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:04 pm

Oh you can count on me returning to the track better than before next season and we'll be looking to retain our constructor's title for sure.


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Re: My say on each driver i think needs mentioning

Post by The Phoenix on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:17 pm

Cheers Madman mate i have enjoyed racing with all of AL1 this season and hope that we can carry it on next season.
The Phoenix

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Re: My say on each driver i think needs mentioning

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