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Welcome from the Race Stewards (Please Read)

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Welcome from the Race Stewards (Please Read)

Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 7:21 am

id like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as i will be racing and stewarding on this site, many of you already know me, my psn is 'rob-lee77'

this is a new site and this site is your site we are here to facilitate an enjoyable f1 racing experience for you. I want you all to know that all admin and stewards are here to help you enjoy your f1 racing.

We have all experienced those annoying races, spins, 1st corner crashes etc. And in my experience of league sites arguments can flare up from annoyed drivers, and i totally understand that - but i urge everyone to take a step back and talk calmly. If you are upset about something feel free to approach admin or the stewards. Im always happy to voice chat with anyone, as i feel this is the best way to get things off your chest.

happy racing guys Very Happy


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Re: Welcome from the Race Stewards (Please Read)

Post by Derek Warwick on Sat May 18, 2013 2:51 pm

To echo Rob's sentiments, I'd also like to say my 'hellos' to all drivers Smile

When I'm around and about, my PSN is Capt_Crankshaft. You will rarely see me at races themselves - but I will be the website's resident video footage Steward, and acting as a senior adviser to the FiA and Moderators.

Rob is a very experienced and passionate in-race steward who has, and continues to, dedicate a great deal of time to Stewarding many online Leagues. He has been through all the challenges of online racing - disconnections, glitched lobbies, argumentative drivers, controversial crashes - and knows how to calmly navigate and communicate with people effectively.

Rob is an astute and caring racer, who always wants the best for those (You guys! Very Happy) who are willing to dedicate their time to coming together to race.

I myself bring to the table nearly 10 years of no-assist sim-racing driving, and around 3 years of competitive online driving at a 'Pro' level. I have a keen and impartial eye for what clean wheel-to-wheel racing should be, and judge situations with a fair and open-mind, but always with a view to good standards being kept.

Our efforts combined, we are both very keen to see all W2WR Leagues run smoothly and for good sportsmanship to exist between drivers. At the end of the day a fair league, with fair drivers and good atmosphere (which is all we do expect of you guys for joining), is a FUN league!

Race Hard, Race Clean, and we will never need to meet each other Wink

Enjoy yourselves,
Derek (Capt_Crankshaft)

Derek Warwick

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