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F1 going to Azerbaijan?

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F1 going to Azerbaijan? Empty F1 going to Azerbaijan?

Post by Chaz_B_97 on Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:17 pm

"Bernie Ecclestone says a race in Azerbaijan could be on the Formula 1 calendar as early as 2015. The F1 chief executive said discussions over a street circuit race in the capital of Baku would take place on Thursday. The 83-year-old said: "We're having a look to see if we can get it done for next year."

"Ecclestone said talks would be held over the Azerbaijan race, but no details were confirmed. He said: "It's nice. Be ready, because you'll have to go. It's not particularly straightforward but it will be a street circuit."

Of Course, 2 New venues are added to the calendar this season. The Red Bull Ring in Austria, Or many others, including myself, will still refer it to the A1 Ring..(5 yr Old memories ay..).. I Digress, The other new circuit, Sochi (Russia), is a brand new track which I believe will have features and accommodation from the Olympic Park, as the Winter Olympics and Paralympics have been taken place in Sochi this year.

Also, Mexico were strongly hinted as a rumour last season for 2014 as well as New Jersey, which seems to have taken as long as a Gran Turismo game to plan out.

Sochi however has caused some concern. Unrest in the country with Ukraine has questioned people's thoughts on travelling to Russia in October. When asked what advice he would give to anyone with flights booked to attend the race in October, , Bernie replied "Don't cancel ."

So referring back to the original points, What's your views & Opinions on F1 going to Azerbaijan and out of the 2 new tracks for 2014, which do you think you'd prefer to drive on F1 2014?..

Would love to hear your thoughts below Smile

*Sources from BBC Sport, F1 Racing Magazine and my general knowledge of the sport*


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F1 going to Azerbaijan? Empty Re: F1 going to Azerbaijan?

Post by hudunikibolokov on Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:28 pm

If they can afford to run the race even and the circuit matches FiA standards then it probably will go ahead... wouldn't surprise me.

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