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15/01/19 Decisions

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15/01/19 Decisions Empty 15/01/19 Decisions

Post by McDASTARDLY-00- on Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:46 pm



Aletdownofstate/CPT_Rice :  CPT_Rice, FiA were made aware you were trying to give back the place & you were unaware Aletdownofstate was about to pit but the pit entry is not considered a suitable spot to pull over, hence you are to be given a WARNING for blocking the Pit Lane.

Mateyboy/Racer :  No further action, incident has been explained as 'pedal failure' from Racer, he had to switch to pad during the incident, FiA felt if he'd 'brake checked' you, why would he have slowed & went deep into the corner allowing you back in front of him. The second incident coming off the bridge (same lap) it was felt that Racer didn't try to dive up the inside but that because of damage, Mateyboy braked earlier than usual as shown on his video, FiA felt Racer was only trying to avoid hitting Matey, not make a move.

Devilsarmpit666/Radymus99 : No further action, as per Rule 3.7 (Rules & Regs) all drivers have 48 hours after the race to submit an appeal.  Check recent appeal in FiA office dated 18/12/18.       



Bloomstar/CHM1945: CHM to receive two points on his Super Licence for causing a collision.


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