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Bahrain Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

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Bahrain Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Wed May 02, 2018 3:55 pm

Hello and welcome once again to our AL2's press room here at Bahrain and that was a different session for us again, with 3 restarts after a lot of chaos from the get-go. But we finally got there and a lot of drivers made great progress and a couple of misfortunes which resulted in position losses but a great finish to the end of a thrilling race.

Please put your hands together for our 3 finishers who secured the top 3 steps of our podium, Russlad, Devilsarmpit and Allshotdown.

Welcome gentlemen and we will get started with our race winner, Russlad.

Q1: Well done on the 3 wins out of 3 races so far this season. It didn't look like a fairly easy win but a win is a win, How are you feeling?

Q2: That 3rd win and the consistent points from both williams drivers have pushed the team's lead in the constructors standings to 38 points ahead of the Toro Rosso Boys. How are the team feeling?

Q3: That win pushes you further in the lead of the drivers standings by an incredible 42 points, ahead of Devilsarmpit in 2nd place. What has helped you to keep it together and walk away with such a big lead in Season 10 compared to the previous seasons where you have struggled?

Thank you Russ and well done.

We'll now come to our p2 man and very unfortunate driver, devilsarmpit.

Q1: Very unlucky on not achieving the race win due to a very untimely and unfortunate penalty cost you that. But you have still got to be happy with a podium and your 2nd podium in a row?

Q2: After a very difficult qualifying session at china, we saw you bounce back and claim pole position here, was it a case of not making the same mistake again?

Q3: That result sees you move up to 2nd in the drivers standings, 42 points behind Russlad and ahead of Stealth by 5 points. What are your thoughts going to Russia and Round 4 of Season 10?

Thank you devils and well done on P2.

We will now come to our 3rd place man, AllShotDown.

Q1: Well done on your 1st podium in Season 10. How are you feeling?

Q2: Both Renaults managed to finish the race in great points positions, of 3rd and 4th, and scored the most points out of all teams and have moved to 3rd in the constructors standings. How are they feeling after a mixed qualifying session?

Q3: That result moves you up the drivers standings and into 4th place, 48 points behind Russlad, 6 points behind Devilsarmpit and 1 point behind Stealthmonkey. What are your hopes and feelings heading over to Russia for our 4th round?

Thank you AllShotDown and congratulations on your podium.

Thank you gentlemen for being here with us and we will let you go and join your teammates and teams in the celebrations that are going on down in your garages.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us and our drivers here in the press room and we will see you all in the press room at our next venue of Russia.


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Re: Bahrain Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by devilsarmpit666 on Wed May 02, 2018 6:02 pm

q1,,,very happy with a podium again..q2my first poll nice,,q3dim trying not to get a get a penalty anymore..


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Re: Bahrain Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by RussLad12 on Wed May 02, 2018 7:08 pm

RussLads answers
Q1 Answer: thank you, 3 out of 3 I’m very happy with that and also very lucky to finish 200’s of a second ahead of Devils he had a penalty which made it possible, on the last pitstop i came in ahead of Devils but I knew I would come out behind Devils as I had to change my front wing due to damage battling with Mateyboy and Devils come out on super softs and myself on softs I thought then I’d lost the race but I could see I was keeping pace with him pretty much but I’d dropped to 4.5 seconds behind Devils at one point but on the last lap I could see I’d brought the gap to 3.2 seconds then right before the penultimate corner on the last lap I turned my fuel to rich thinking if I run out I would still crossed the line in second, but luckily I turned it up when I did because that’s what made that little difference at the end and with Devils penalty basically everything fell into place, sad for Devils as he had pole and he out raced me really it should have been his win as he was the better man on the day, but a wins a win and I will take that.

Q2 Answer: yes we’re happy to in front in the constructors but no rest if we want to fight for the tittle at the end of the season there’s still 17 races to go and a lot of points available, but things could change in an instance in F1 but for now we’re feeling good and on target.

Q3 Answer: I think I’m starting to settle down a little now and getting use to my new driving position is helping, also I’ve got the drive back in me now as I lost it last season, and just finding it better to handle the car and playing with little tiny things in my set up.


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Re: Bahrain Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by AllShotDown on Tue May 08, 2018 12:22 pm

A1 : It feels great to be finishing near the front again after such a tough race.
A2 : Yeah me and Aletdownofstate needed a strong finish as we've only had one Renault finish in the first two Grand Prixs and that was definitely the boost we needed to take the fight forward.
A3 : I will be pushing hard now to close the gap to the guys at the top, but taking it one race at a time will be the best way going forward.


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Re: Bahrain Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

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