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Chinese Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

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Chinese Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:42 pm

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our AL2's league race podium press room here at the Shanghai International Circuit and what a change around from our other league where had a dry/wet qualifying to a dry race which again didn't disappoint us with some great driving and some hilarious moments.

Please welcome to the room our race winner who has now made it 2 wins out of 2 in his debut AL2 season, Russlad.

The first driver of a 2nd-3rd place team, DAVEJ,

and quickly followed by his teammate who, with a dramatic finish to the line, and took the 3rd place spot, Devilsarmpit.

Welcome gentlemen to our press room here in China

We will start our questions of with our race winner, Russlad.

Q1: Well done on your 2nd race win in a row. How are you feeling after your 2nd race win in a row in your debut season with AL2?

Q2: That looked like a difficult qualifying session for everybody out there with changing weather, but somehow you timed it perfectly and managed to secure pole. Did you feel that it could be possible to do it?

Q3: We saw the race leader pit with 10 laps to go and hand you a 17secs lead but what surprised us watching was the speed and pace he was catching you by each lap. Did you also feel surprised and scared by it and that he could have caught you by the finish line and taken the win?

Thank you Russlad and well done on the race win.

We would like to come to our P2 man, DAVEJ.

Q1: Well done on getting on the podium in 2nd place. How are you feeling?

Q2: After a very difficult qualifying which saw you dead last, it looked like Toro Rosso put both cars on different strategies for the race, with yourself doing a 1 stop and your teammate doing a 2 stop. But then we saw you pit with 10 laps to go and give up the race lead, was this a late call by the team or yourself?

Q3: After a very disappointing Australian Grand Prix where both cars never made it to the end, we now see them get both 2nd and 3rd in this race, How are they feeling?

Thank you DAVEJ

We will now come to our P3 man and the second member of the 2-3 podium team, Devils.

Q1: Well done on 3rd place. How are you feeling?

Q2: We sadly saw both Toro Rosso's qualify at the back of the grid after being released too late. Was this an error by the team or was it just bad luck that the weather changed very unexpectedly?

Q3: After that disappointing qualifying, it looked like Toro Rosso put you guys on different strategies for the race with your teammate doing a 1 stop and you doing a 2 stop. Do you think that this was the right idea for the team to make?

Thank you Devils, and well done on P3

Thank you gentlemen and well done on getting the podium steps and we will now let you all go and de-brief and celebrate with the teams.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for also joining us and we will see you all under the spotlights and the dusty desert of Bahrain.


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Re: Chinese Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by RussLad12 on Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:17 pm

RussLad’s answers : Q1 A: thank you, yeah I feel good on the second race win after a 3rd stint worry from Davej but just manage to keep it together till the end.
Q2 A: to be honest no I didn’t think I would land pole position I still had a few tenths in hand but I made a mistake gave me the time I had, but the weather played a hand in that it started to rain so I knew it couldn’t be beaten so yeah I timed it perfect to get my lap in before the rain changed things for the other guys.
Q3 A: well I was thinking he was on a 1 stop and started to think it was second for me as we were doing similar times on the softs but after he pitted I could see he was catching me a pace of 2.3 seconds a lap, so I worked it out that Davej would catch me with one lap to go as he was on supers and I was on dead softs but somehow I managed to keep it real and luckily we didn’t have one lap left as DaveJ would have had me on that next lap, great drive from DaveJ to keep me honest and also Devils for coming in 3rd well done guys.


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Re: Chinese Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

Post by DaveJ2013 on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:22 pm

Q! feeling great Dean, after Australia we knew we had to bounce back with a decent result.
Q2.qualy was a case of i should ave been paying attention,then maybe i would of went out earlier before the rain came,the first stint i managed my tyres really well and then i decided a 1 stop was what i would do, in hindsight i came in 3 laps to early on the first stint and i felt that 2nd was probaly my position on that stradegy,so i pitted and tried that,almost paid off but Russ managed to keep some good constant laps going.well done mate.
Q3.my teamie Devil and myself did expect to do well round China so yeah we are happy with the result in which we finished,we are hoping that this is the start of a good season ahead


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Re: Chinese Grand Prix Podium Press Conference

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