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AL1's Hungarian GP - Podium Press Conference

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AL1's Hungarian GP - Podium Press Conference

Post by Gonk721 on Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:32 pm

Well hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Hungaroring, in budapest, home of the Hungarian Grand Prix. And after an exciting 70 lap race, we were left with 5 drivers finishing and 5 drivers making little mistakes causing them to DNF. To answer our questions today are the 3 drivers who finished on the top steps and they are Cameron, Misterflash and Chewy.

Thank you gentlemen for joining us today and well done on achieving the top steps.

We would like to start of with our race winner and current leader in the drivers' fight, Cameron

Q1: Well done on the race win. You are on fire at the moment with multiple podiums including 4 race wins. The car seemed really well balanced this weekend with yet again pole, win and fastest lap, How did it feel to you?

A1: The car felt amazing, I made a few tweaks just before qualifying which seemed to make the car a lot more stable and faster and another race win feels amazing.

Q2: The gap in the title fight has opened up a little more comfortably. Do you feel you can take a little breather at Spa or are you still going to push hard?

A2: I'll be pushing hard all the way to the end of the last race, would rather keep consistent than take my foot of the gas and let complacency kick in.

Thank you Cameron and well done.

We would now like to come to our P2 man and another regular podium finisher this season, Misterflash.

Q1: Well done on P2. After a problem with the car at Silverstone causing a DNF, we see you bounce right back and finish 2nd here. How are you feeling?

A1: Feels good to be back on the podium but it is time to start winning races to make the gap of 34pts a bit smaller.

Q2: Mercedes are currently 3rd in the constructors' fight behind Ferrari and McLaren. Do you feel that they ahave to push hard from now on to catch them and also try to keep the gap to Force India behind?

A2: I expect to catch Ferrari now I finally have a teammate.

Thank you Mister and congratulations on another podium.

We will now come to our P3 man and his 3rd visit up here, Chewy.

Q1: Well done on P3 and your 3rd podium this season in your debut season in AL1. The last time we saw you up here was Monaco. How does it feel to be back up here?

A1: feels good to be back on the podium, should have been one step higher. shame we had a driver go rogue on us.

Q2:This podium has now moved you up to 3rd in the drivers' fight. Do you feel that you have to push both yourself and the car harder to catch the leaders in both title fights?

A2: I will be pushing all the way to the end of the season but i feel i will need the top two to make some mistakes, No pressure lads. ( Very Happy )

Thank you Chewy and well done on getting up here as well.

Before you go gentlemen and celebrate with your teams, we would like to ask Cameron one final question.

Q3: The gap to the lead in the constructors is now within reach for McLaren. will they want both drivers to push hard and keep the gap to Mercedes behind?

A3: Yes, and I hope my team mate can get quite a few points as well as we have the best chance of overtaking the Mercedes when we both score good points.
A3: Am sorry, i misread the question lol ( Embarassed )] keeping Merc behind is key but i do feel that it will need myself and my teammate scoring big points to make that possible.

Thank you gentlemen and we'll let you go and celebrate with your teams and families on achieving another great podium and we'll see you at Spa Francorchamps for our Belgian Grand Prix.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen on joining us here at the Hungaroring Podium Press Conference Room and we'll speak to you all after our Belgian Grand Prix.


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